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Covid-19 and Telehealth

One of the main factors in successful therapy that produces lasting change, is the connection you have with your therapist.  This builds a sense of safety and closeness where we’re able to explore the harder stuff.  Building this kind of bond through a phone or computer may seem impossible, but I think you’d be surprised about how well it can be done.


There are many questions and concerns that clients have about Telehealth:


  • I just do better face to face, will this be helpful?

  • Will this still be confidential? Will someone on your end hear me?

  • How do I find a quite private place now that the kids are home?

  • I can see individual therapy being ok, but can couples therapy still be effective remotely?


These are all great and important questions.  Therapy is a big deal especially over a platform that may feel unfamiliar.  I will do my best to talk through all these concerns and provide the reassurance and flexibility where I can.  


I believe that we are hard-wired for closeness and a sense of belonging.  The Covid-19 outbreak has gotten in the way of us finding that closeness in our usual ways, through a hug, or a touch.  It is harder to know how to “be with” in these extreme circumstances when we may need that the most.  You are not alone in these feelings.  I am here to help.  Give me a call or click the link below to book an appointment.

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