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Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy

EFT is:

  • Empirically validated: EFT has been proven to have an over 90% success rate in getting couples to a place of stronger connection and decreased distress.  This change felt in therapy has also been proven to last even years after treatments ends.

  • Based on John Bowlby’s Attachment Theory: When applied to adult intimate relationships, it recognizes that all adults need secure attachment and when that attachment is felt and there is trust that a partner will "be there," emotional distress is diminished.

  • An experiential approach: The experience in the relationship changes when a partners experience a closer bond through the real time exchange of vulnerable emotions.

  • Focused on the present: In session, much of the focus is on the "here and now," on the emotional interaction that drives your negative cycle.  

  • Clear and concise: Susan Johnson, the principal developer  of EFT for couples, has clearly elaborated a therapy model that relies on attachment theory as the basis for understanding adult love relationships, including the nature of conflict and the change process in couple therapy.

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