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Lindsay Hanson, LCSW

Tools and Framework for High Achieving Couples to Create Lasting Relationships

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You want to enjoy your relationship again.

You've supported each other through everything.

You’ve been each other's biggest champion.

Even now you know if you needed something your partner would be there for you.

Lately though, it feels like you have fallen out of sync.

  • You’re arguing more. 

  • You’re avoiding each other at bedtime.

  • There are more quiet, tense moments in the car.

  • Spending time together feels stressful.


Instead of feeling like your home is a place where you feel inspired or relaxed, you are almost dreading being there. 

If this is where you are, I can help!

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Are these thoughts running through your head?

->”I want our relationship to feel less transactional”

->”We just get triggered by each other”

->”so many little things annoy me”

->”he tunes me out”

->”she is just always complaining”

->"I hate walking on egg shells"

I know you just want to feel closer together. 

If this is where you are... I can help!

Is this your story?

Petty Fights on a Friday 

You've been together for ages. You’ve done it all and seen it all together. But things are starting to feel a bit old in your relationship. You are not out of love, but the excitement that you feel in other parts of your life is missing in your relationship. Ready to see each other again?

Is this your story?

Sniping on a Saturday

Weekends are so intense right now. If it was not for your family obligations you might be avoiding each other even more. It feels like every conversation is leading to bickering and then into a fight. You are running out of patience with each other and things are starting to feel a bit sad. Ready to reconnect?

Is this your story?

Feeling Lonesome on a Tuesday

There is so much to keep you both busy and going. It almost feels like you don’t have time for each other and then all of a sudden on a Tuesday night - you feel it. Alone. This is not what you want your partnership to feel like. You’re sad about it and it feels like too much effort to change it. This is not the better way. Ready to hold a feeling of deep love and longing again?

Green Painted Wreath

Let’s face it - You’ve taken your relationship for granted!

You are both successful people - you know how to communicate. You both do it at your job successfully -  Communication is clearly not the problem.


It might seem like you need some tools to communicate more or communicate better. . .

This is not your problem. You have needed to let go of your relationship a bit to focus on other things - that is ok. But your relationship has gotten neglected


A strategy or tactic is not the thing you need right now. You need expert support and guidance to actually connect again.


You both need to feel loved and held by each other and the relationship.  You are such good people who have lost each other and yourselves.

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Hi I’m Lindsay.

I love love. And I believe that you deserve to be loved. 

In a Deep way and a Playful way!


Of course you’re struggling to feel close. I’ve worked with so many couples who have lost each other and long for the closeness and the laughter they remember.  

My Promise

I’ll help you makes sense of the pain you’re feeling under your anger or resentment and teach you how to speak from those more vulnerable places so you can feel like you have your teammate back. If this sounds like you, I can help!

My Process

1) I help you make sense of how you  trigger each other 


2) I act as a guide to go deeper behind the behaviour and help you connect to yourself


3) I free up that part of you that was feeling hurt. With understanding I  help you have  empathy and closeness 

Are you ready to fix what has felt so hard.  Are you ready to feel safe and relaxed with the person you love the most
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