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Lindsay Hanson, LCSW

Tools and Framework for High Achieving Individuals to Create Lasting Relationships

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You're ready for it to be you.

You’ve been everyone else's champion and you want it too.

You're ready for it to be your turn.

  • That promotion. 

  • That relationship.

  • That new home.

  • That life.


I see you, I can help!

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You're feeling left behind.

-Your last big relationship ended suddenly

-You're feeling stuck at work and not sure whether a promotion is really for you

-You can see your friends and family moving on 

I see you, I can help!

You’re really happy for everyone else. But you would really like it to be your turn.


Everyone reassures you that you are such a nice person. That it will be your turn next or soon. But it feels hard for you to really believe that sometimes.

I see you, I can help!

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You're ready to try anything

your friends have suggested therapy and it feels like now is really the time for you to get some competent support to move you to the next part.

I see you, I can help!

Therapy can be a really big support if you find yourself struggling with any or all of the following: 

Are you feeling like this in your relationship?

Anxious in relationships

Afraid of rejection

Feeling lonely


Denying that you have needs

I see you, I can help!

Are you feeling this way at work?

Social anxiety

People pleasing

Don’t rock the boat

Not asking for help, afraid of being seen as incompetent

Hypervigilant to people’s mood

Afraid of asking for what you need

Feeling small 

I see you, I can help!

Is this how you're feeling in your personal life?

I’ll take what I can get it 

Being or feeling “fine”

Just put a smile on your face 

Feeling like everything is your fault, “it must be me”

Self blame

Feeling lost

Disconnection from true self

I see you, I can help!

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Hi I’m Lindsay.

I have worked with many clients who feel this way and feel like 


a) No one can help them 

b) They will have to figure this out on their own 


Not True.


This is the same feeling many of my clients have before reaching out. 


I can get in there with you and help. 

Most of my clients tell me after that they wish we had started working sooner. 

Working with me means you get the support to make the changes you want.

You don’t have to go this alone. I use evidence-backed frameworks and tools to get you out of your way and living the life you want.

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